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FriendFeed Lifestream Widget for WordPress

This plugin let’s you create and easily fully customize a SEO friendly widget that fetches activity streams from your account.

WARNING: The currently stable version is 0.1 alpha. Although it was already approved by WordPress admins, this plugin is not yet avaiable at the official plugins repository on It will be there as soon as i finnish version 0.2 alpha, but i don’t have a date for doing that yet (this project is currently on hold, as i’m working on something else since march).  Anyway, current version is fully functional and i would appreciate if you could install it and provide me some feedback.

You can download it clicking here. It requires at least WordPress 2.1 and it`s compatible up to 2.7.1 (the latest version).

== Description ==

This plugin let’s you create and easily fully customize a SEO friendly widget that fetches data from your account.

FriendFeed is a lifestream service that aggregates all activity an user does around social websites like twitter, youtube, flickr, facebook, delicious, blogs and many more (they currently support 60 services).

If you want an unique widget to display what you`ve been doing on all those services, this one is the right plugin for your!

Although FriendFeed itself offers a widget on its tools page, this one is better because it`s fully customizable with no effort at all. Features:

  • You don’t need to know css to change all colors, fonts and sizes of widget`s elements;
  • You can select wich features to display (e.g: to show or not your comments, your “likes”, the services you are subscribed to);
  • This plugin actually merges the official friendfeed`s widget and badge, so you have an 2-in-1 widget that shows the sites you are subscribed to (your profiles) and the activity you do on them.
  • The widget is not loaded as a javascript, thus beeing SEO friendly;
  • It will not hurt your server perfomance because you can choose to cache results for any amount of time you desire;

I’m always looking forward to improve this plugin, so leave me a message if you find any bugs or have any suggestion

== Installation ==

Installation is pretty easy and straithforward like in almost every wordpress plugin.

1. Download the plugin and unzip
2. Upload extracted folder ffw_lifestream to your wp-content/plugins directory
3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
4. Access the plugin`s option page to insert your username and customize it (options page can be found on the menu Settings > FriendFeed Lifestream, or at
5. Once you have everything setup, there is two ways to show it in your blog:
5.1: On the wp-admin menu go to Appearance > Widgets, click the ADD link in front of “FriendFeed Lifestream” and then click on the button “Save Changes”;
5.2: Or just place the code “<? ffw_OutputWidgetToBrowser(); ?>” (without the slashes) anywhere in your prefered template file (e.g: sidebar.php);

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

1. What are the requirements to run this plugin?
It should work on any host with PHP4+ and curl library installed (don`t worry, almost every host, even cheap shared ones have it)

2. Do i need a FriendFeed account?
Yes, you do. If you don`t have one, sign up at and attach your feeds on social websites to that account.

== Screenshots ==


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